The Swing Era Dance Session

The History of The Swing Era (dance classes – not the era itself!)
Martyn Nelson can be heard describing his first encounters with Lindy Hop as being ‘slapped around the face by a wet fish’. Once he had found dancing there was no turning back.

Looking back over these last five years Martyn has loved every second of his dancing journey. He decided that “if everyone danced the world would be a better place, everybody should experience the gift of dance at least once in their lives.”

His passion made the decision to set up The Swing Era an easy one!
After being inspired by the scenes in other cities he now wants to bring that dancing and social culture to the Midlands.

His love of dance is constantly evolving, he has recently discovered tap dancing which is where he met Suzanne who taught the class.
They negotiated a lesson swap, he taught her Lindy Hop and she taught him Tap. Suzanne is a gifted dancer and she joins Martyn as co-teacher for The Swing Era.

His dream is to grow the Lindy Hop community and to promote not only dancing, but dancing to live music as well.